Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Is Mira Rajput Jealous of Kareena Kapoor?

Remember the remarks made by Mira Rajput recently in a program organized on international women’s day. Mira Rajput went vocal and shared her views about caring one’s baby. Her baby girl Misha was born in August last year. She said that she won’t like to treat her baby like a puppy by just giving an hour or two and then rushing off to work. This comment was straightaway a taunt on all working women.

However, many people found her remarks directly targeting Kareena Kapoor who delivered her baby boy Taimur on December 16. To everyone’s amazement, Kareena didn’t even follow the 40 days confinement period recommended to every woman after delivery for better recovery of the mother as well as the safety of the newborn.

Yes, you got it right! Now, you must have understood the connection and relate from where the actual words got cooked. It’s a well known fact that Kareena was the girl friend of Shahid Kapoor before he married Mira. Obviously, the charismatic personality of Kareena and the way she won everyone’s hearts by working and as well as carrying herself gracefully throughout her pregnancy must have pinched Shahid’s wife. Past remains past, but it can’t be denied that when it’s a woman related to one’s husband, it keeps hovering everyone’s mind and especially the present woman in man’s life.

I am not accusing any of the two as both may be right in their own ways, but the fact can’t be denied that rubbing the things already in healing mode opens the fiery past very often and leave people guessing.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Life of Pi Bags Four Awards at Oscars

Ang Lee was awarded for the best direction for his film ‘Life of Pi’ at the 85th academy award function. He was awarded for the second time in best direction category; the first was for ‘Brokeback Mountain’ in the year 2005. 

He got the praise of everyone present at the function who welcomed him with a standing ovation. Quite surprised himself, he gave his special thanks to Sooraj Sharma, a boy from Delhi. He called him a miracle boy whose performance played a pivotal role in carrying the film to the Oscars.

The film was nominated for eleven awards in total from which it grabbed four awards. The awards showered on the film include the awards for best cinematography, music, visual effects and direction. 

In his acceptance speech, Ang Lee said, “ I really need to share this with all 3000…everybody who worked with me in Life of Pi. I really want to thank you for believing in this story and sharing this incredible journey with me. I need to thank Yann Martel for writing this incredible inspiring book…my producers…wonderful cast. Sooraj, where are you? You are a miracle. Every one of you in the cast.”

He ended his speech with an Indian Namaste. 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Who made Deepika Padukone’s Valentine’s Day Special?

This Valentine’s Day will not be easily forgotten by Deepika as the unique gift she received on the occasion is a memory to be cherished. Yes, a fan of Deepika sent 24 coconuts with heart shaped chocolates inside on the V-Day.
The best part was that the sender of the gift made sure that she received one coconut in every hour of the day. Deepika was enthralled by this pampering and she herself said that the gift gave her immense happiness and made the day memorable forever. The fan of hers must also be flattered by this comment as his efforts didn’t go in vain.

Sunny Leon with 3.15 Cr Google Searches in Dec 2012

Sunny Leon has become the most search actress of Bollywood with a whopping number of 3.15 crore searches in only the December month of the last year. In the search list, Katrina Kaif got the second position with Aishwarya being the third celebrity of Bollywood to be search in the Google.

It shows the popularity of the adult actress in Bollywood who recently made her debut with Jism 2 in the entertainment industry. People are certainly waiting for more from the actress who is heard to have already signed some more movies.

The search also revealed the name of Salman Khan as the only male actress to have achieved a number in top five searched celebrities. This affirms the fame of the Dabang man of Bollywood.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Vivek Oberoi goes gaga for his Wife

In a recent interview, recently married Vivek Oberoi showered praises on his wife Priyanka. He said that she is the only woman who didn’t want him to change and just wanted him to be himself. She gives him his own space and always remains by his side.

This certainly gives Vivek a kind of strength which he may have lacked before the entry of Priyanka in his life. Though she is not from acting world, but she understands him completely and supports him in every possible way.

Not only Priyanka, Vivek’s honest appreciation of his dear life partner is also praiseworthy. Hope all the best to you and may this love between you two remain evergreen!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Vidya Balan on Slim Diet for ‘Shaadi ke Side Effects’

Here is good news for those who loved slim and trim look of Vidya Balan in Parineeta. The hope of watching Vidya back in to that figure had almost vanished, but her marriage certainly seems to have started showing its side effects.

As per the information provided by some close sources, the ‘Dirty Picture’ actress has already reduced almost 9 kilos. She is following a strict diet as well as exercise regime to look in shape and show the side effects in her upcoming movie ‘Shaadi ke Side Effects’.
Hope this change takes her to a new height in her career and keeps her fame as fresh as ever.