Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Is Mira Rajput Jealous of Kareena Kapoor?

Remember the remarks made by Mira Rajput recently in a program organized on international women’s day. Mira Rajput went vocal and shared her views about caring one’s baby. Her baby girl Misha was born in August last year. She said that she won’t like to treat her baby like a puppy by just giving an hour or two and then rushing off to work. This comment was straightaway a taunt on all working women.

However, many people found her remarks directly targeting Kareena Kapoor who delivered her baby boy Taimur on December 16. To everyone’s amazement, Kareena didn’t even follow the 40 days confinement period recommended to every woman after delivery for better recovery of the mother as well as the safety of the newborn.

Yes, you got it right! Now, you must have understood the connection and relate from where the actual words got cooked. It’s a well known fact that Kareena was the girl friend of Shahid Kapoor before he married Mira. Obviously, the charismatic personality of Kareena and the way she won everyone’s hearts by working and as well as carrying herself gracefully throughout her pregnancy must have pinched Shahid’s wife. Past remains past, but it can’t be denied that when it’s a woman related to one’s husband, it keeps hovering everyone’s mind and especially the present woman in man’s life.

I am not accusing any of the two as both may be right in their own ways, but the fact can’t be denied that rubbing the things already in healing mode opens the fiery past very often and leave people guessing.

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